About Myself

Hi, my name is Evangelina Garcia and I would like to share something about myself. I am married and I have two girls and one boy. I love to enjoy watching movies or going out-of-town with my family. For now, I work at the Cocopah Casino in Somerton Arizona as maintenance lead. Besides, I take English classes at AWC College during mornings.

I chose Mexican Art because it has a full world of colors, flavors, great views, and its architecture is full of  art and history.

                    Guadalajara is one of the largest city from Mexico. Plaza de Armas is a historical construction considered a masterly piece of work too.


Plaza de Armas located on Avenida 16 de septiembre between Morelos and Pedro Moreno streets in Guadalaja Mexico. Plaza de Armas called Plaza Mayor by some of mexican people, this is the main square of Guadalajara’s historical center. Mexican people every year commemorate the Mexican Independence Holiday on this place. To commemorate the Centennial of Mexican Independence in 1910, this plaza was remodeled. In the center of the plaza is the lacy wrought-iron bandstand, it was brought from Europe. This bandstand was a gift to the city from President Porfirio Diaz. On this bandstand performs concerts during weekends. Families enjoy visiting Plaza de Armas because around the plaza are many places where they can buy souvenirs, ate delicious mexican food, or just hear a good mariachi band.


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