Palace of Fine Arts, Mexico City

          Palace of Fine Arts is the most important cultural center in Mexico City. This is the greatest forum of art and culture in Mexico. Palace of Fine Arts building surprises Mexican and foreigners when they visit it. Its ostentatious architecture in which two styles come together in a harmonious and elegant fashion: The Art Nouveau of its exterior and the Art Deco of its interior.

          The construction of the Palace of Fine Arts began in 1904 with a proposal by the Italian architect Adamo Boari. The construction of this building was stopped by the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution in 1910. Years later the construction of the building was finished by the Mexican architect Federico Mariscal, author of the Art Deco style in Mexico. He created one of the most outstanding Art Deco interior in the world. The interior walls were decorated with works by the most important Mexican muralists of the time, like Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Jose Clemente Orozco, Juan O’Gorman, and Rufino Tamayo.

          The Palace of Fine Arts, a magnificent building opened in 1934. The main purpose of the building is closer to the public in variety of exhibitions about photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, and urbanism. This majestic building also offers guided tours, workshops, storytellers, and summer workshops.

                                           Murals Inside Palace of Fine Arts

 Diego Rivera (Man, Controller of the                         Siqueiros (Torment of Cuauhtemoc)

Universe) 1934.

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