The Art of the Mexican Folkloric Dance.

       The term folklore is used to signify folk art, culture, traditions, and color. Folkloric dance is an important part of our cultural roots. It is a form of artistic  expression. Besides Mexican folklore or folk dance has its origins in a pre-Hispanic era. During that time, it adopted two ritualistic representations: one for war and another for religions.

          There are three important Mexican folkloric dance traditions:

DANZA: Danzas are indigenous dances generally religious and spiritual in nature. It kind of danza is mostly performed like a rituals.

MESTIZO: Mestizos are indigenous dances that show European influences in steps, themes, and instrumentation.

BAILES REGIONALES: Regional dances are the type with which most people are familiar. Those are knowing as folkloric ballets in the United States and in Mexico are regional dances.

       Using this inherited quality of Mexican personality, these especial sense of interpretive dance with original movements and elegance of attitude the result of the show is of great artistic eminence.

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